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Asendia USA, formerly Brokers Worldwide, provides international express service for businesses in United States. Asendia is an alliance between La Poste and Swiss Post. Asendia USA partners with USPS to offer discounted rates for global mail and parcel solutions.

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Why You Need Tracking for International Shipments ?

Many online shoppers today think the most vital feature of any shop that makes their online shopping experience stress-free is tracking international shipments, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the popular website, Amazon recommends all sellers to include information about customers can track their international package with special numbers in confirmation emails.

If you have not taken tracking seriously up till now, you may want to reconsider your stance. One of the best ways any brand can improve its customers experience is to provide customers with accurate, timely information about their order deliveries through international package tracking.

The article below can help you get detailed information about International tracking:

  1. How Does Shipment Tracking Work?

    Tracking is simple as being able to determine where a particular package is at a specific time while en route from origin to destination point in real time.

    This is mostly done with the use of tracking numbers provided by courier companies; most retailers send these to customers through shipping confirmation email which lets them know where their packages are at any time.

    Tracking is so vital to running a successful eCommerce order that one of eBay’s 2012 policy required that retailers track information on 90% of shipments to become a top rated seller..

  2. Can you track an international package?

    Customers making online purchases often want to know if they can use international tracking on their order. The answer is simply, yes. Whether the shipment is being sent by DHL, EMS, ChinaPost, Singapore post or any other courier service that provides shipment tracking or use third party trackers. The level of tracking depend on how effecting their tracking strategy is, but you should easily access in-transit status as well as delivery information.

  3. Why Tracking International Shipments is Important ?

    Many reasons abound why it is important that couriers and online merchants use international parcel tracking for all shipment. Here are a few:

    • Peace of mind: Being able to keep an eye on your shipment while in transit makes you feel confident your order will get to its destination. Both the sender and receiver are both have peace of mind.
    • Effective Communication: Tracking ensures the lines of communication between online merchants, courier companies and customers is always open and effective. A very efficient tool for running business smoothly.
    • Creates a Schedule: Tracking helps retailers schedule and plan deliveries, which streamlines the fulfillment process.
    • Improves Accountability: Online retailers have a duty to help customers with their order, and a tracking service offers a high level of accountability. By making it possible to track parcels, they increase customer confidence.
    • Reduces Losses: Consistent tracking also ensures orders don’t get lost as online merchants and customers can easily pinpoint the parcel’s location per time.
    • Improves Customer Service: Tracking ensures the retailer can provide feedback on status of parcel, and other useful information needed.
  4. How to Track International Shipments ?

    The days when international shipments tracking was left solely to courier and delivery companies are long gone. Today, online merchants play an active role in tracking local and international shipments, especially, due to the many benefits such as keeping them ahead of the competition while giving customers rest of mind and improved service.

    If you you’ve been looking for ways to streamline delivery operations and offer an efficient and transparent delivery service to customers, tracking is the way to go. partners with a number of reputable couriers to offer a variety of service options for tracking packages from merchants such as eBay, Wish, ASOS, Aliexpress, Gearbest, Banggood , Yoins, Lazada, Nasty Gal and Shein. If you want to track and trace any international package, while offering your customers the transparency they desire, sign up for a free account now.

  5. How to detect fake tracking number?

    Usually when you have a fake tracking number it wont show any tracking inforamtions. So to check if your tracking number is valid you should see tracking updates in Trackdz if you find there is not informations about after 5 days this means is fake

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